About us


S.C. CONARGO CONSTRUCTII S.R.L. enterprise was founded in 2005 and has Cristian Marinescu as only associate.

The purpose of CONARGO CONTRUCTII is to build solid, stable and safe buildings and assemblies, respecting deadlines and under convenient financial terms. 

Our constructions strictly follow environment protection regulations, as well as energetic efficiency and protection regulations against noise and fire.  

There’s a permanent communication between us and our clients so that our projects can benefit from flexibility and increased capacity of adapting to new requests along the process.
No matter the challenges we might face in the construction process we always deliver our clients durable and quality constructions.

The success of Conargo Constructii is based on the continuous diversification of its clients’ portfolio, as well as the enterprise’s constant business growth. 

Our teams are made up of specialists and experienced workers, with a background of at least 10 years in the construction field, not only in Romania, but also abroad.

The efficiency of our teams is highly influenced by their mobility which allows them to cover large working fronts. 

We think our employees are the enterprise’s most important resource. They are also the enterprise’s “ambassadors”, the ones who can lend credit to its sense of responsibility. 

Also, it is important for our employees to be aware of them being part of an enterprise focused on their needs and on the community they belong to. Their feeling like they’re part of a responsible enterprise increases loyalty, personal satisfaction and last but not least the level of performance of the employees.

The enterprise’s good reputation in the market makes SC CONARGO CONSTRUCTII SRL a trusted partner and employer.