Home Residence, Branesti


Single Family House B+GF+1S, Cluj Street, Pasarea Village, Branesti commune, Ilfov county.

Building "Single Family house B+ GF +1 S" is a Category C building, class III important, according to Norm P100-1/2012.

This building has a height of B+GF+1S with a cornice height of 7.8m, basement area Sc=65 sqm, ground floor Sc=384 sqm and 1st story Sc=180 sqm. The house has a partial basement where they established the water supply, storage areas, hallway, staircase, basement with continuous foundation stoles which unite with the other stoles from around the house by stepped foundations. Basement waterproofing was made both under the foundation stoles and on the basement walls achieving an insulated tank with the help of the heat glued, two layered bituminous membrane.

The ground floor zone includes the equipment room, two car garage, laundry room, two bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining rooms, office, terraces and indoor swimming pool. The story is composed of 3 bedrooms, each of them equipped with its own bathrooms, balconies and library.

The building was designed on a reinforced concrete frame structure with enclosures made ​​of Porotherm brick, plastered inside and outside, then on the outside mounting a thermal system based on structured plaster. The interior of the house was plastered and then troweled, afterwards applying a plaster layer and washable paint in watercolors.

The roof of the building has a split level, with seating framing structure, made with fireproof and antiseptic rectangular timber on which are mounted roof deck planks, anti-condensation foil and two layers of strips for mounting Tondoch tiles.

The swimming pool is attached to the house and it’s enclosed and covered. The roof covering plan has 8 Velux windows for daytime illumination mounted, and two sides are fully gazed and equipped with sliding doors to create the required space to access the surrounding terrace outside. The pool tank was made using reinforced concrete and it was waterproofed and covered with ceramic. Due to the design concept this pool has floor heating, being designed for it to be used anytime during the year, regardless of the season or bad weather.

A good portion of the house’s surface was plastered over the thermo system and natural stone was mounted. Storm water drainage system is made using gutters and downspouts that flow into the sewer which leads to the drainage wells from the yard.