Lotus Complex


The building complex from Lotus street was designed by S.C. FRADIN IMOB S.R.L. and the entire 45 stories apartment complex, located in two B+GF+5S buildings with two staircases, elevators and penthouse apartments, was built by S.C. CONARGO Constructii S.R.L .

The constructive structure of the buildings was made using mat foundations, it was waterproofed using the water tank system and the structural strength was made using ferro concrete with diaphragm core where the elevators and stairs were grouped. External closings were made using paratherm brick masonry plastered inside-out and isolated by creating a thermo system facade (polystyrene + decorative plaster)

The finishing touches on the inside were accomplished by mounting granite tiles on the staircase and elevator access and inside the apartments we installed glued solid wood parquet and ceramic tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens.

The roof was made using Lindab metal plates and the thermal isolation of the penthouse apartments was made using steel wool mattresses between rafters which were then hidden using plasterboard.

For the outdoors decorations, for the parking spots, we used precast concrete borders and, using an infrastructure made from compact ballast and a gravel bed, we layered asphalt concrete on which we used paint to mark them.