Our Team


As a construction enterprise we insist on emphasising on our employees the great responsibility we have for our clients. Punctuality and reliability are values on which we build relationships with our partners.


Cristian Marinescu 


- Automatics engineer;

- Vast background in automatics and calculus techniques, as well as quality management;

- Responsible of all current business management activities.

“Our management system allows us to have an efficient internal organization and clearly defined working procedures, which help us increase the quality of our work and to satisfy the demands of our clients. ISO 9001 certification is the logical consequence of CONARGO CONSTRUCTII enterprise’s management competence.”


Roxana-Ioana Marinescu 

- Conargo Constructii administrator;

- By profession jurist and quality management specialist;

- Part of CONARGO CONSTRUCTII since 2006.


Calin Constantin Maldarescu 

- Security systems engineer;

- By profession automatics engineer, security systems engineer and authorized electrician;

- Background as automatics engineer, manager and enterprise administrator.


Vasile Nedeloiu 

- Technical director;

- By profession construction engineer, chief technician, site inspector, human resources formative and expert assessor;

- Background as site inspector, technician engineer, chief technician in Romania and Germany;

- Fluent in German.


Ioana Diaconescu 

- Economics director;

- By profession economist;

- Background as economist, marketing and human resources specialist.