Residential Buildings


Civil constructions

CONARGO CONSTRUCTII built several individual establishments and headquarters of institutions and also participated in the construction of a housing complex.

Civil constructions must comply with the following factors:

Structural elements;

Design and functionality;

Rehabilitation and maintenance of the structures;

Our clients are our partners. Each work we carry out is a partnership with our client, a challenge we tackle with professionalism and we always finish our projects in great conditions.



Exterior and interior finishing

We perform all types of interior and exterior finishing, with a correct perspective on the end result of the project. We also offer guarantee of all performed works.

Our finishing pallet is composed of:

Interior finishing: wet plaster, paintings and dye works, floor tile, faience, marble, divisions or dry plasterboard linings with gypsum-carton boards, dropped ceiling made out of easy materials, cold or warm floors with mosaic, laminate flooring or normal parquetry, wainscoting, woodwork, PVC, aluminium etc.

Exterior finishing: wet plaster with traditional or modern materials, paintings and dye works, tinsmithing and thermo isolations, curtain walls, anti static and spark resistant floorings etc.




We make all types of professional hydro isolation systems from civil and industrial constructions to constructions that need rehabilitation works for deteriorated isolation systems.

We make hydro isolation works with bitumen membrane, hydro isolations with PVC membrane, waterproofing works with polyurethane hydro isolations.

Our experience helps us guarantee for internal logistics, qualified staff and last but not least the qualification of our services according to ISO 9001 standards.