Showroom CASE Utilaje


The investment means building an exposure complex combined with associated offices and a service workshop for the firm CASE UTILAJE CONSTRUCTII S.R.L., whose main activity objective is selling and providing maintenance services for construction equipment. Therefore the following objectives were achieved:

Body A – Showroom and offices, the building was made from mandate reinforced concrete, with a Dual system resistance structure (BA frames and structural walls). The building’s plan surface is 370 sqm and its total built area is 1450 sqm. The structure plan is characterized by several sections of vertical elements, 40x40; 60x40; 60x60 poles, and structural walls with core thickness of 25cm and 35 cm with 30x40 and 35x40 cm bulbs. The vertical elements create spatial frames with the help of current level beams, with the particularity that at the 3rd story, where there is an illuminator for the conference hall, with a big opening, the floor is made of tick ribs. Body A’s height is 15.60 m and current story height is 3,90 m.

The infrastructure for body A was made with continuous beams underneath the columns and the certified width varied from 0.5m to 1,20m.

Vertical movement is achieved through a movement node composed of an elevator fixed on a metallic structure and a staircase built from BA mandate, with two intermediary platforms and three frames. Exterior enclosures will be executed with Porotherm brick masonry and the compartments inside the walls were made from plasterboard.

Body B – Workshop, maintenance and storage, is a hall made of reinforced concrete columns, with 11 axes with a dimension of 5m between them and a 21m opening. This body of the building is equipped with an overhead crane with a maximum load of 10t, the hall’s height to roof is 6,75m and the cornice height is 8, 75m. Side enclosures are made using isolation panels of up to 100mm thick, same as the covering.

The laundry room is a ground floor construction with a total surface of 50 sqm with the metallic structure partially sandwich panels and corrugated sheets.

Totem – gate cabin with a surface of 9 sqm, is a metallic construction on a foundation strip with a height of 8,50m.

The premises were arranged with concrete roadway platforms, slab pedestrian platforms, a space for displaying equipments, the loading and unloading ramp and a demonstration space (dirt).

The remainder of the enclosure was landscaped with lawn and average size vegetation.